Google’s Mobile-Friendly Algorithm to Take Your Business by a Swing

Whether to make a delicious dish or to write a snippet of code, the first thing that flashes in your mind is Google. And ‘How to’ is that small magical phrase which leads you to the right answers. In this digital era, life is simply a switch from one electronic device to another – from a laptop at work, to a mobile while running errands, to a tab during commutes. But, does the user have a consistent experience with all these devices? Google has decided to answer this question.

Google has recently implemented a change that would accentuate the browsing experience of mobile users – a new algorithm which will bring up better, relevant and high quality results. This new algorithm, launched on April 21st, 2015 would make huge impact on websites ranking on the mobile searches in all languages all through the world. The impact, as experts say, would be more than the earlier Panda and Penguin updates.

Around 50% of all searches made on Google are through mobile phones and not acting upon this new algorithm would drastically affect your company’s site and search traffic. Therefore, it all simmers down to one requirement: Is your website and blog optimized for mobile? To reduce the impact of this hurricane, Google has put it in its efforts to guide website owners and marketers for a smooth mobile-friendly transition.

Mobile-Friendly Test:
The Good Samaritan, Google has provided a checker to test if a website is mobile-optimized. All you need to do to run this mobile-friendly assessment tool is to paste your website URL in the space allocated.
A mobile-friendly site would leave a message ‘Awesome! This page is mobile-friendly’ along with the image of how Googlebot sees your website on mobile phones. In case, your website is not ready for this transition, you’ll see a ‘Not mobile-friendly’ message, along with reasons why is not. And, now if you’re stuck at this position, your ranking on mobile searches is likely to see a hit.

Options for Mobile Optimization:

To beat this apocalypse and gain ground, adapting to a mobile-friendly configuration should be the first thing on your To-do list. You can opt for any one of the 3 configurations prescribed by Google.

1) Responsive Design:
Responsive design is the most efficient and recommended design pattern. One URL is good to go for any device on which the website is accessed, thereby creating no more than one copy for any site. The website automatically adjusts itself to the device on which it is opened.

2) Dynamic Serving:
In Dynamic Serving too the URL remains the same, but the HTML changes. User-agents are used to determine the type of device used to access the website and it dynamically adapts to device. Though this configuration is error-prone, Google gives it a green-signal at the mobile-optimization test.

3) Mobile Website:
Mobile Website is a configuration that is least recommended, as it creates redundant websites. Though, it lives up to Google’s requirements, it needs extra efforts from both Google, to crawl as well as the company, to maintain it. When a user visits the website, it identifies the user’s device and redirects to the right version. With more than one link available, it may also result in chaos when a irrelevant link is accessed from a device.

The Optimal Optimization Approach:

The optimal mobile-optimization approach which brings everyone to a win-win situation is a Responsive Design.Users like it for the fact that they need not worry about site addresses and content. All they need to do sit back and click.

It reduces the efforts of Googlebot while crawling for your site. In case of ‘Mobile Website’ configuration, it needs to crawl multiple sites before arriving at the right one. Hence, Responsive Design increases efficiency and helps Google index more content.

Responsive Website is one single website for multiple devices. Hence, requires less maintenance and other features like redirecting users etc. also is not needed, thereby increasing the load speed of the websites.

Well, this may sound like it needs little more work than what it may seem, but in the view of the benefits (or to avoid the penalization), mobile-optimization can add value to any business’s online presence. Updating the website to latest versions will improve the site, enhance visitor experience, bring in new leads, land more conversions, and adds revenue to the business.

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10 cool iPad Accessories Will Assist you to Take Care your iPad

A new innovative arrival in Info Technologies is “Apple iPad”, introduced in 2010 by “Apple”. This is a “Tablet Computer” designed and developed by “Apple”. This may be employed to multipurpose such as books and periodicals, movies, games, music, web surfing and email access.

iPads are a fantastic asset to have and are worth each penny. They are not as bulky as a laptop and are a lot more convenient than a cell phone which may possibly have writing too tiny to read. Nevertheless, an iPad is only as good as its iPad accessories.

ePathChina recently release a wide range cool ipad accessories for their electronics buyers, Not only meet the most apple funs but also give it is excellent seivice to them. so you will locate the second sale outdoor will becoming so fierce. So except this, ePathChina Online Store based on the customer, all their to is for their smile and appointment. Here the 10 cool ipad accessories that make possibilities to run iPad for lengthy life will help you take care your ipad.

1.Apple iPad Batteries:

This part of iPad do works as a spinal chord or without batteries your iPad is like a dead body. Never be stuck having a dead Apple iPad tablet PC with 1 of Apple original or following market Apple iPad batteries. Original highest top quality Apple iPad batteries increases usage-time and stand by time. These batteries use the newest lithium-ion technology to deliver accurate and dependable power to your Apple iPad.

2. Bluetooth Headsets:

Apple iPad introduced two new head sets for take pleasure in your favorite music throughout the comfort of your own house. These sets are as follows:

Apple iPad BlackBerry Bluetooth Music A2DP Audio Gateway-Original (OEM) ASY-16130-001 Apple iPad BlackBerry Windows Mobile Freedom Universal Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard (OEM)

3. Apple iPad House Chargers:

You can charge your Apple iPad at your residence or even whenever you away from your home by Apple iPad home chargers. All Apple iPad residence chargers have built-in IC over charge protection for secure charging.

4. Apple iPad Desktop Chargers:

Apple iPad desktop chargers supply an important link between Apple iPad and computer, permitting you to charge, synchronize and maintain your phone up-to-date. It also permits charging of an extra or spare battery.

five. Apple iPad Automobile Chargers:

Enjoy together with your Apple iPad during drive your car using Apple iPad automobile chargers. Charge your Apple iPad with any 12-V DC car plug. Each charger comes with built-in IC overcharge protection so you’ll be able to safely charge your Apple iPad within your automobile.

6. Apple iPad Cases:

Apple iPad cases give protection your iPad through leather instances. This gives protection, style and convenience to your Apple iPad. Apple iPad has a collection of ipad leather instances, Apple iPad silicon skins, Apple iPad rubber instances, Apple ipad ? and a lot more to give protection and beauty for your Apple iPad.

7. Apple iPad Data Cables Do you would like to transfer yo??ur data from your PC to your Apple iPad? Don’t worry! Just connect your Apple iPad with your PC using Apple iPad data cables, supply an important link between your Apple iPad and your computer. Sync and backup your contact list, calendar, music and notes with one of Apple iPad data cables.

8. Apple iPad Screen Protectors

Apple iPad screen protectors protects iPad LCD screen from dust, fingerprints and scratches. Each screen protector is specially designed to fit the Apple iPad and requires no cutting.

9. Apple iPad Wired Headsets:

Apple iPad wired headsets provide the convenience of personal listening. Apple iPad headset adapter permit to plug-in either a 2.5mm or three.5mm headset or head phones. A few of Apple iPad wired headsets feature stereo output for rich sounds when listening to mp3s or watching a movie on your apple iPad.

10.Apple ipad wireless keyboard for iPad:

The Apple wireless keyboard permits you to position the iPad at whatever angle, or on whatever stand you desire, and you’re able to have the computer keyboard anyplace that is comfy to you. For example holding the keyboard against your lap, if that is what you find most desirable. The computer keyboard carries a slight elevation to decrease arm weakness in case you are making use of it on a flat surface.

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Why Investors Should Take the Advice of Credit Rating Agencies

Credit rating agency gives the rating to the company’s ability to pay back the debt. Or in other words does company has the ability to give back the money in future that was borrowed in past.

The rating agencies are important part of the financial market, because they give investors and debtors insights about the company performance.

The credit rating agencies comprehensively examine the share market listed companies, after examining, they exhort the investors indirectly that should they invest in the company or not? They provide you the insights about the company, which aids banks and creditors, to loan the company or not. So indirectly they play a vital role in the corporate world.

They analysis the overall financial condition of the company, top management, current legal issues with government and backs, political relationship with the government so that investors can take the wise decision before making investment.

As per the research credit rating agencies have been very helpful in United States of America.

For instance if rating agencies give the higher rating, it means the company is investment friendly. Or if company gets a low rating, then it implies you are investing on your own risk so as to avoid risks rating agencies try to make comprehensive assessment about the company growth.

They try to create the transparency in the financial market, and rightly examine the financial condition of the company.

These agencies also monitor the soundness of the borrowers by their own methods. Each rating agencies in India has own assessment and evaluation process. For that they employ professional staff who can measure the risk in feasible manner.

They use the secret information about the company while assessing the company details. They gather information from secret sources, then analyses and interpret information, and for investors it is not easy to evaluate the company’s credit. That is the reason investors have trust on these agencies.

The higher rating of the company implies that it is good for making an investment. The business of credit rating agencies is totally dependent on the right analysis, therefore they don’t make wrong conclusion or indirectly involves with the company because one misjudgment damage the reputation of the rating agencies. So as to maintain the credibility they don’t indulge in any fix up.

Hence majority of investors don’t have the analytical knowledge, but the credit rating agencies provide the right analysis and report about the company’s financial status, and this helps the investor to make the right investment.

The author of this article is a consultant at one of top most Credit Rating Agencies. There are many rating agencies in India that provide the good advice to investors.