Film Festivals Can Be Very Kind To Independent Filmmakers

If you are one of those people who went to film school and still cannot understand why they did not teach you how to get a job in the film industry, then I suggest that you stop complaining, gather up all the creative, hard working film production people you know, make yourself an independent film and enter it in some film festivals. If you win an award at a prominent film festival your life may change very dramatically for the better. Even a small award at a small film festival will more than likely set you on the path to having a career in the film industry.

Most people attend film schools with big dreams of working in the Hollywood film industry and possibly even making a name for themselves. They have visions of red carpet interviews, Academy Awards acceptance speeches and stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. However, most of them will never see those dreams come to fruition and they will face endless frustration and disappointment instead.

After graduating from film school most people are expected to break into a business that is considered to be one of the most difficult in the world to find employment, unless you have connections, of course. For the ones without connections, it can be very frustrating. Unfortunately for them, the Hollywood film industry is run by a tight knit community that practices nepotism and rarely opens the door to newcomers.

If you want to break into Hollywood but your last name is not Barrymore, Begley, Cyrus or Sheen and the only connection you have is a cousin who manages your local movie theater, then your best chance of success is to make an independent film and enter it in film festivals. If you place in the top three of any category you enter you will usually be asked to send a film print of your movie so it can be screened to audiences that attend these events.

Film festival audiences are a combination of film critics, media reporters, film distribution representatives, film fans, celebrities and local residents. These are the people that can create a buzz about a movie after they see it. When a buzz is created about a movie at a film festival it usually starts in the theater lobbies and then works its way out into the media where it can take on a life of its own. If this happens to any independent film it is destined to succeed, and the independent filmmaker who made the film springboards into a career in the film industry. Just ask Robert Rodriguez or Quentin Tarantino about the value of film festivals and they will tell you.

Winning a top award at any film contest is a good thing for anyone who makes movies. With an award comes publicity, and publicity is the life blood for filmmakers and their careers.

Film distribution companies send people to film festivals to purchase products and they always follow the publicity to find their products. Many of the purchases they make are small movies made by people with very small budgets. An independent filmmaker can make a good profit from one of these distribution deals and make themselves bankable at the same time. If they can sell their movie to a distribution company, there is a good chance that they will be able to make more films with bigger budgets using money from investors, instead of their own hard earned money.

It is very important that you choose the right film festivals to enter your movie if you want to increase your chances of winning an award. Of course it would be nice to win a major award at an event like the Cannes Film Festival, The Toronto International Film Festival or the Sundance Film Festival. But you have to be realistic and set your sites on a contest that is friendly to small independent filmmakers and their independent films. Worldfest Houston International Film Festival and the Austin Film Festival are two examples of the type of film festivals that are friendly to this type of people who work with small budgets and big ideas. There are hundreds more contests out there and they come in all shapes and sizes.

The Cannes Film Festival, The Toronto International Film Festival and the Sundance Film Festival are the biggest and most publicized movie contests in the world. Unfortunately, they are also the most difficult ones for small independent films to be accepted into because of the high standards and politics that they employ.

Most of the films that win awards and get screened at the Big Three film festivals are made by independent film production divisions of the Big Six film studios like Warner Bros and Disney. By definition they are still considered to be independent films if no more than 50 percent of the funding comes from a major studio. But that fifty percent is usually millions of dollars, and this puts the production value in a whole different league than the movies that are made by small time independent filmmakers with miniscule budgets. Also, most of these big budget festival films have big Hollywood stars attached to them which makes them irresistible to the contest judges and management.

The Big Three film festivals have been invaded by the Big Six film production studios with big budget movies masquerading as independent films. This makes it very hard for a film that was shot with a digital camera on a shoestring budget to compete at Cannes, Toronto and Sundance. These kinds of films have a much better chance of winning an award at a film festival like Worldfest Houston or the Austin Film Festival because they are more interested in showcasing film talent than they are catering to the Hollywood film industry. Choose your film festivals wisely and you will increase your chances of winning an award and securing a distribution deal.

Michael P. Connelly is an Author, Artist and award-winning Filmmaker who writes on a variety of topics that effect people in their every day lives.

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Any Kind Of Addiction In Any Kind Of Sort Is Usually Abnormal

“Emotional along with bodily reliance with some sort of substance or even practice” – stands out as the medical concept of the term addiction. An addiction is usually an uncontrollable formidable desire for something – an unusual kinky passion for things. Every individual having an addiction is termed an addict.

Addiction is in fact some sort of hydra-headed idea acquiring diverse aspects. Medical researches and studies have divulged that every single human being in some degree has an addiction. Individuals that have an unprecedented urge or perhaps infatuation for anything at all, are actually in fact addicted. Medical researchers have also uncovered other forms of dependency aside from alcohol consumption, cigarettes and also drugs.

Based on the medical network, generally there are actually two forms of addiction. Initially you will find the bodily addiction, and also physical dependence as well as mental addiction. The next type is referred to as pseudo-addiction.

Physical dependency: An addiction when the addict will become physically dependent upon intoxicating substances as well as harmful drugs. Persons dependent on using tobacco or chewing tobacco suffer from nicotine addiction. Dipsomaniac individuals experience alcohol addiction.

Substance abuse pretty much means addiction to particular drugs. A drug habit is usually an serious state of dependency resulting from drug use. Drug abuse is a very common process where hard drugs tend to be over used – as an example cocaine, amphetamines, methamphetamine, codeine as well as stimulant laxatives – drugs produced from narcotics. You will find there’s controversy on the concept that openly sold things such as liquor and tobacco products ought to be classified as hard drugs, simply because they are both connected with high mortality rates.

Mental addiction: The words actually means becoming psychologically dependent on certain things as well as practices. At times you will find people who find themselves remarkably obsessed with routines like wagering, food items, sexual activity, pornography, the Internet, work, buying and so forth. As a result as outrageous as this may sound, these people really do in fact have problems with addiction. Men and women enslaved by food consumption are usually extremely preoccupied by pigging out this may be a food addiction.

Pseudo-addiction will be the state in which a person exhibits drug seeking actions similar to mental addiction; nonetheless, the person suffers from authentic agony as well as other signs and symptoms. Regular actions is started again as soon as the pain has subsided.

The particular bodily reliance upon a substance for instance substance abuse, smoking addiction along with alcohol addiction could, unfortunately come with lethal results.

Any addiction in all forms is the warning regarding a problem that requires immediate treatment. An addiction can be a ailment, yet it’s treatable. There are lots of addiction support facilities or perhaps rehabilitation centers supplying addiction treatment, across the globe. Normal drug addiction treatment might include behavioral treatments, medication treatment, or even a mix of each.

Men and women encountering just about any signs and symptoms of dependency should opt for treatment before their particular addiction results in being significantly advanced.

If you would like to read more about easy steps to addiction and recovery , you should stop by our website at: Overcoming Addiction .

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What Kind Of Nursing Care Services Are There?

What exactly to look for when choosing nursing care services in Delhi? Here’s an overview of the top aspects to know when looking for care services.

When it comes to the nursing care services, they can take care of your loved ones in the best way in comparison to the hospitals. And, the best thing is that you won’t even have to leave your loved ones as they will take special care of you in your home sweet home.

Sometimes, elderly person need a nurse who can help them in the recovery process or someone who can just talk, but there are many other services which you can choose. This is for people who need specialised attention.

Have a look at the kind of services nursing bureau in Delhi offers:-

Let’s Start With The Basic Nursing Care Services

Whether you had a very serious surgery for which you need post hospitalization care or probably you are looking for care services for your elderly one, or want someone who will give the right attention to your baby- reputed agencies have a team of skilled and experienced nurses who are 24/7 available to give the best assistance.

They not only give assistance to patients, but will also take away the stress of the family. They will come to your home regularly and take the best care of the patient. The professional nurses will offer the best treatment for the wounds or surgeries. They will also monitor the progress or if there are any side effects in the patients, they will immediately take the right step.

Specialized Services

In certain cases, patients will need specialized care i.e. it can be a physical therapy or if they had a serious injury. Some of the agencies also have a physical therapist who works for them. In case, if anyone or your parents are experiencing problems with joints or muscles the physical therapist is the best person to help you.

The other kind of therapy is occupational therapy that helps you in the day-to-day activities. There is another kind of therapy which is speech therapy and it is appropriate for people who have serious problems in speaking.

Some of the agencies also offer additional services which might not be related to health, but their objective is to help you live a peaceful life.

Homemaker Help

This is a kind of service which includes the day-to-day activities i.e. housekeeping, buying the groceries, washing clothes etc. These are the kind of services which helps to run your household properly. In certain cases, a home care agency also assigns a person to the patient who needs health care, and someone who can also carry out the household tasks. Keep all these excellent tips in mind to choose the best nursing care services in Delhi.

reference by:-

Popi Kahar writes articles for Yasmeen Nursing Bureau, one of the best nursing care services in Delhi. If you are looking for the best nursing bureau in Delhi, this is the right place to go.

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