Sydney skydiver survives French Alps crash at 120km/h

A Sydney skydiver has miraculously lived after a shocking crash landing in the French Alps saw him break nine bones and damage multiple organs.

Miles Cottman was ‘speed flying’ – a combination of skiing and paragliding – earlier this month when a tree clipped his parachute, sending him tumbling to the ground at about 120km/h.

The 27-year-old was transported by air-ambulance to Grenoble University Hospital in France, where he has had four operations but will miraculously survive.

Sydney man Miles Cottman is lucky to be alive after a horror ‘speed flying’ accident in the French Alps

The 27-year-old was performing a mix of skiing and paragliding when a tree clipped his parachute while he was travelling about 120km/h

Mr Cottman, a professional skydiver, spent a week connected to tubes, and only returned to eating on his…

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