T2 Tech Group Launches Visual IT Notification System Product, T2 Alert Insight

IT help desks need to quickly answer and triage problems, incidents and service requests. To help organizations quickly cut through the noise, T2 Tech Group developed T2 Alert Insight – a real-time visual notification system with a centralized dashboard and customized email alerts. The consulting group is offering T2 Alert Insight wherever visual notifications bring value to IT teams, and they’re willing to package up the hardware and software required for the product and implement it in client environments.

The new IT support management tool aggregates alerts from any IT system in real-time. The algorithm developed by T2 Tech’s software engineering team actively parses system alerts to provide a visible system status with an…

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South America: An Immersive Experience

Travelling to South America is one of those experiences that everyone should indulge in once in a lifetime. Unexpected adventures, incredible cultural encounters, endless fun and transformative travel experiences are some of the special things that this huge continent will offer you throughout. There are many destinations in South America that are in the wish-list of most of the ardent travellers and these places receive a large number of tourists every year.

South America offers an opportunity to create memories for a lifetime. The popular holiday destination recharges your batteries with its myriad offerings. Besides spectacular landscapes and outdoor adventures, South American cities are known for having the best nightlife in the whole world, the best food and also a rich and unique culture.

A great thing about South America is that it is suitable for all kinds o of travellers. Whether you are a backpacker or a regular tourist, there is something for all budget types. Not all cities are cheap but overall South America makes for an affordable trip. From accommodation and food to transport, all kinds of options are available as per your requirements.

South America is a mix of the old and the new and also the natural and the man-made. Here’s a list of some of the most amazing places of this beautiful destination that will offer you a series of fascinating experiences.

Inca city of Machu Picchu: The beauty of nature and the magnificence of the Inca civilisation make Machu Picchu a great allure for travellers round the world. Located high in the Peruvian mountains, you can reach Machu Picchu by hiking the legendary Inca trail which offers an experience like no other. There are other short trails as well and also train trips from Cusco that take just a few hours to reach the ultimate destination.

Sau Paulo, Brazil: Sao Paulo is the financial capital of Brazil and welcomes many business travellers from over the world every year. At the first instance, it may appear like any other metropolis, but when you delve deeper, you’ll love to lose yourself to the intoxicating spirits of the city. The interesting cityscape features notable architectural landmarks that reflect a mix of European style and contemporary architecture. It is also profoundly rich when it comes to cultural offerings. The museums here are a must visit. Sau Paulo boasts of a vivacious and diverse nightlife and also an exciting food scene.

Galapagos Islands, Ecuador: The Galapagos Islands are a different world altogether. The pristine surroundings and the diversity of plant, animal and marine life that this destination offers is absolutely incredible. You can indulge in a wide range of adventures on the island here – snorkel with sea lions, sea turtles, colourful fishes and other marine creatures, walk through old lave tunnels, climb a volcano or spend your time observing the giant tortoises.

Angel Falls, Venezuela: At 807 metres, the Angel Falls is the highest waterfall in the world. You need to really push your limits to reach out to this amazing wonder. So there’s adventure, beauty and delight, all put together in your trip to the Angel Falls.  

Buenos Aires, Argentina: Buenos Aires, the eclectic city of Argentina is often referred to as the “Paris of South America. With its rich European heritage, winding cobblestone streets, inspiring architecture, fascinating tango, vibrant cafes and the crazy soccer fans, Buenos Aires is absolutely irresistible. The endless list of possibilities of the city is where its ultimate charm lies.

If you are looking for an inspiring, action-packed holiday, South America is the right choice. Search for cheap tickets to South America from UK and make your bookings for a holiday that will remain etched in your memories forever.

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Lemons were a status symbol in ancient Rome, study finds

Citrons and lemons were status symbols for the ancient Roman ruling elite, researchers have found. 

While citrus orchards are common in Mediterranean regions today, citrus fruits are not native to the Mediterranean – instead, they came from Southeast Asia.  

According to the study, the first remains of the earliest lemons were found in the Roman Forum at around the time of Jesus Christ.

The citron, a large fragrant fruit with a thick rind, was considered a valuable commodity due to its healing qualities, symbolic use, pleasant odor and rarity, and its spread was helped due to its social status.  

Until the first century AD, the only citrus produce available to the ancient Romans were the extremely rare and expensive citrons and lemons. After the arrival of citrons and lemons, sour oranges, limes and pomelos were introduced to the West by Muslim…

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