Natural Remedies For Attention-deficit/hyperactivity Disorder (adhd).

In the past, rowdy, disruptive children were often spanked or scolded, while their parents were looked upon with disdain. With increasing research in child behavior, as well as with more studies in how molecular imbalances can trigger certain kinds of behavior and movements, physicians and psychiatrists have found that such unfortunate parents and noisy children should be treated with consideration.

In fact, as you know from reading thus far, they have in fact given a name to such a phenomenon: Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

ADHD, now considered as a developmental disorder, is caused by changes in brain molecule levels, which in turn can be caused by head trauma in the womb. This head or brain trauma may be physical in nature, or chemical, say, if the expectant mother ingested certain toxins.

Children with ADHD tend to be impulsive and forgetful. They are also hyperactive and easily distracted. Because the disorder persists into adulthood, more and more adults are finding that their distractibility is due to ADHD.

ADHD also has a strong genetic component, and can thus be inherited. ADHD can’t be cured, and its symptoms can be eased only with a combination of behavioral modification, special education, parental support, lifestyle changes in the person suffering from the disorder, and special medications meant to target the central nervous system. Popular ADHD medications have been used to treat blood pressure disorders and narcolepsy, and they can include the popular Ritalin, Cylert, and Strattera.

After reading about these medications and reviewing opposing points of view amongst the medical and psychiatric communities, you must consider the consequences of taking ADHD medications in the long term even though it hasn’t been thoroughly studied.

Many ADHD medications also have dangerous side effects. In general, they can cause nausea, vomiting, abdominal pains, constipation, cramps, insomnia, and depression. In extreme cases, some ADHD medications have exacerbated existing cardiovascular disorders, such as high blood pressure and heart conditions; or have worsened certain psychiatric disorders such as mania and psychosis.

There is another component to consider. That is ADHD medications work by increasing alertness and attention, and by decreasing restlessness. Because of these properties, people who don’t suffer from ADHD can and do abuse the drug. For instance, some students believe that ADHD medications can make them perform better in school by focusing their attention.

The disorder itself is subject to controversy. Some psychiatrists and parents contend that the symptoms of ADHD can be surmounted and obliterated by the proper discipline; in some extremes, some people don’t consider ADHD a disorder at all. Backed by scientific proof, however, other scientists and physicians believe that ADHD is a real disorder that can be eased, thanks to long-term medication.

Long-term medication, however, doesn’t sit well with many people. In fact, some psychiatrists, physicians, and even parents of ADHD-affected children cite their positive experiences with holistic medicine and natural ADHD medications. Before using such medications or even recommending them, however, you must read as much as you can on what advantages and disadvantages they carry. Moreover, you should always consult with your physician on what options are available to you before plunging into any natural or holistic treatments.

There are many natural treatment regimens available for ADHD, but the most common so far is a change in diet. ADHD-friendly diets are generally free from stimulants, such as sugars and preservatives, all of which can exacerbate ADHD symptoms and even interfere with the effectiveness of ADHD medications. There are many names for such diets, but in summary, they recommend that junk foods be taken out totally. Some junk foods contain a chemical called tartrazine, which is used to color foods, and can increase hyperactivity.

Holistic medicine practitioners also recommend certain drinks to help calm adults suffering from ADHD. Instead of taking ADHD medications, adults are asked to take yoga classes, which can help them concentrate, as well as monitor their breathing patterns. Adults suffering from ADHD are also requested to drink calming beverages, such as chamomile tea, instead of relying on ADHD medications to calm them down.

Holistic medicine practitioners also recommend certain herbs that can be integrated into an ADHD-friendly diet. For instance, fresh lemon balm can induce calm; while ginkgo biloba tablets can increase concentration. Melatonin can also regulate the body’s sleep cycles and induce relaxation while Saint John’s Wort can ease depression without pushing the body into hyperactivity. People with ADHD are also encouraged to take vitamins to increase concentration. Such vitamins can include Vitamin B complex, Vitamin C, and Zinc.

Other techniques, such as massage, magnet therapy, and even acupuncture have been used to calm people with ADHD and regulate their body cycles. These are only a few natural techniques that you may want to consider if you are looking for ways to cure ADHD. Always be on the alert for new research in the field of ADHD treatment, and be sure that you thoroughly and truly understand the underlying principles governing the use of your natural treatment of choice before you or your child use it to combat ADHD.

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