Julia Roberts offers George Clooney twin-raising advice

She’s an international superstar as well as a mother of three kids (two of them are twins).

So Julia Roberts is probably better than anyone to give close friend, ultra-celeb and soon-to-be father of twins George Clooney parenting tips.

While appearing on Ellen Friday, the 49-year-old darling explained parenting boils down to ‘trial and error and a whole lot of tears’ but that her Ocean’s Eleven costar and wife Amal ‘are a great couple and don’t need advice.’

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Parenting pro! Julia Roberts offered some choice advice to pal George Clooney about raising twins while visiting Ellen Friday

She described her friendship with the 56-year-old heartthrob as ‘the goofiest pals ever.’

Then Julia explained that parenting is always a learning experience.

‘You know, nobody’s there at three o’clock in the morning when you’re just going “What are we…

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