Steve Bannon fired by Trump on John Kelly’s advice

 Steve Bannon was dramatically forced out of the White House on Friday in the latest earthquake to rock President Donald Trump‘s administration.

Bannon left at the end of Friday amid competing claims over whether he was fired or quit on his own.

But a senior administration official told on Friday afternoon as the news rocketed around the world that Chief of Staff John Kelly made the decision and secured Trump’s approval.

The White House’s official line is that it was a mutual decision that involved Bannon himself.

‘White House Chief of Staff John Kelly and Steve Bannon have mutually agreed today would be Steve’s last day,’ a statement from press secretary Sarah Sanders read on Friday.

‘We are grateful for his service and wish him the best.’

A source close to Bannon said: ‘This week is a good window into what Bannon outside the [White House] would look like: A strong defense…

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Q&A: Should teen pay for pricey car insurance? | Parenting

Q:  Our 17-year-old will be driving his car to school this year, but the insurance seems pretty high. Are there some tips to finding a lower cost? Also, he’ll have a part-time job. I think he should help to pay for his gas. His dad doesn’t care. What do you think?

From the mailbag:

Our daughter’s uncle gave her an older car, which we thought was great. But when we went to get insurance on it, it was high even though she had never gotten a speeding ticket or had any accidents on her record. Our agent explained that for an older car, they have to consider that it may need more than normal maintenance including higher-priced parts and that makes the insurance rate go up. We traded it in for a newer car and the price went down quite…

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The Manual Car Is About More Than Shifting Gears

From Popular Mechanics

We need to talk about turn signals.

The other day I got into a fight with a Lexus. The GS F we were test-driving is a sleek piece of $85,000 machinery with a snarling 458-hp engine and all the future tech you’d expect. It ate up the I-95 between New York and D.C. in rapid comfort and joy. Except for one thing.

Our Lexus test car had the kind of smart turn signals that turn themselves off once you change lanes. You know what I mean? While pretty much all cars are smart enough to shut off the blinker after you turn a corner, more modern ones will turn them off after you’d shifted lanes. For the life of me, I could not resist the old habit of flicking the lever back to start once I’d moved over. Muscle memory just got the best of me.

This was the dawn of a highway nightmare. Trying to turn the signal off activates the blinker in the other direction, which makes you so…

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