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Cats are a force to reckon with. With their amazing cuteness and amusing antics, it is impossible to not fall in love with them. Cats have made their way into folklore and demon tales through many legends throughout history of the world and people, which is what makes them just as mysterious too. Known for the grace in their movement and poise, cats are filled with a sense of pride that no other animal can match – a cherry on top for their appeal. Cat lovers across the world obsess and fuss over their feline family members to an extent that is unprecedented.

There are about forty purebred cat species around the world which are recognized by associations like Cat Fanciers’ Association, Singapore Cat club and Feline Fanciers’ Society. Each of these purebreds have their characteristics and quirks. The owners have to understand how to take care of their feline friends in a very particular way. This article shall enlighten you on some of the common cat species in Singapore. Here is what you need to know before you look up where to buy cats in Singapore.

# Decide which gender you want
This is a very important first step which will determine the condition of your house in the long run. Typically, cats are sterilized before they are sold. However, if you are buying an unsterilized cat, you need to note certain differences in the behaviour of male and female cats. Males, like all other species, are territorial and dominant in nature. He will be given to spray the walls of your house to mark his territory. This can get annoying for some (or all) people. Female cats do spray occasionally, but this is not their major trait. When in season, female cats tend to caterwaul a lot, which can get on your nerves. Getting a sterilized cat will take care of all these troubles.

# Adult cat or a kitten?
Emotional quotient here leans highly towards getting kittens. What you need to know is that kittens are just like babies – they need to run around and explore, make a mess and throw tantrums – all this in exchange just for cuteness. If you are not ready to handle this, it is better just to get a more mature adult cat. They will explore their new home, no doubt, but at least it will save you the part where cats wreak havoc. If you have toddlers or young children in your home, getting a matured cat (older than six months) is the better choice, for both the kitten and your children. If your children are old enough to understand cat handling, you can start looking for kittens for sale in Singapore.

# Street or purebred?
While street cats may trigger reactions of apprehension, these cats are actually more suitable for bringing home than purebreds. The simple reasons are as follows:They are hardyThey are more alert than their purebred counterpartsThey are smarterThey have a robust immune systemAll these traits make them low maintenance and less of a hassle than purebreds. However, if you value panache and blood greater than sturdiness, purebreds are the call for you.

Use the tips above to select the best feline companion for you. To find cat shop in Singapore and Scottish Fold in Singapore, visit

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