Moment two wild lynxes hold a bizarre stare-down in Canada

  • Two North American Lynxes were recorded staring each other down in a road
  • The animals are so caught up it the stand-off that they are oblivious to the car  
  • They make bizarre screeching and wailing sounds during the territorial dispute

Stewart Paterson For Mailonline

Two territorial lynxes were so caught up screaming at one another that they were completely oblivious to the car behind them.

The animals were recorded producing bizarre wails and screeches as they stared each other down in the middle of a road. 

Just like domestic house cats, the two male lynxes were filmed sizing each other up during the territorial dispute. 

The North American Lynx is native to the country of its namesake and Canada. 

The animals were recorded…

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Jann Wenner really blew it with Rolling Stone

Jann Wenner has landed between a rock and a hard place as he struggles to sell Rolling Stone.

The 71-year-old publishing magnate will pay dearly for clinging to the rock-and-roll magazine he founded 50 years ago, sources told The Post, as prospective buyers have evaporated along with music fans’ habit of buying glossy print titles at newsstands.

“Jann knows he made his mark on American culture already and he is a realist,” said author Joe Hagan, whose biography on Wenner, titled “Sticky Fingers,” is set to hit next month from Random House.

“The landscape has changed and he was not able to navigate through it.”

Time Inc. and Condé Nast are in cutback mode and not interested, with the latter apparently content to operate its Pitchfork music website, insiders say. Hearst, which had held talks to buy Rolling Stone a decade earlier, is also out of the running,…

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Jessica Marais hints at moving into reality television

She’s the star of two hit TV shows Love Child and The Wrong Girl.

But Jessica Marais has now set her sights on reality TV, with the 32-year-old actress telling The Sunday Telegraph she would ‘never say never’ to appearing on I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here!.

‘I am interested in who human beings are and human behaviour and I think that it would be pretty fascinating to do,’ Jessica said of I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here!.

‘It would be pretty fascinating’: Love Child’s Jessica Marais, 32, revealed an interest in reality series I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! in The Sunday Telegraph

‘You would learn so much about yourself. I’m not putting my hand up for it, but never say never.’

Should she be cast on the program, the actress admitted she would not know how to cope.

‘I’d be awful. If you took my food away, I’d be angry.’ 

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