Abortion Laws around the World

Plenty of reasons accompany a major decision like Abortion. Different people in different regions have different opinions on this subject. There are plenty of countries that accept it as a legal practice, while there are many other regions that consider it as a crime. Irrespective of what each set of people think, it is important for every woman to know her rights depending on the region she belongs to. Being a controversial subject that has been in discussion for a long time, it is important to know what is right and what is acceptable.

The issues regarding abortion have been plenty, and in the United States, abortion wasn’t legalized till the early seventies. Other countries require genuine reasons for making this procedure legal. Abortion is allowed in various countries due to reasons like

*Health – to make sure that the woman is in the best of health
*Mental – to ensure that the mental health of the woman is conserved
*Defect – on finding out that the child would have abnormalities or defects
*Social – if the mother/father is unable to support the child financially
*On Demand – a genuine reason is not required
*Rape – when a girl or woman in forced to have sex or raped
*Life – to help save the life of the pregnant woman

These conditions are then categorized into Legal, not legal, restrictions and also provides with options where abortion is legal in the first trimester or the second too, according to the country.
United States allows Abortion on all these mentioned grounds. Most other countries allow first trimester abortions on the above mentioned grounds, and a majority of countries does not consider abortion on demand as legal.

Egypt, Kenya, Jamaica, Kuwait, Kenya, South Korea, Maldives, Malawi, Mongolia, Nauru, Saudi Arabia, Solomon Islands, United Arab Emirates allow abortion with restrictions regarding the various conditions that have been mentioned above. These restrictions are imposed, but can be changed when:

*The woman’s husband has given consent or if the girl is a minor, her parents’ consent is provided.
*In case of rape of a minor
*If a doctor or health professional provides all the necessary medical reasons for getting the procedure done.

Vatican City, Malta, El Salvador, Chile is totally against abortion no matter what the reason might be. Very few countries support abortion due to rape and social reasons.

It is indeed a serious decision to take, and keeping in mind that the health of both the mother and the baby is important, the right of the woman should also be considered. While most people would not have an abortion on moral, religious and ethical grounds, there has been a requirement nonetheless due to risks that are often posed to the mother’s health.

There are different people supporting different opinions on this subject. First trimester abortions are still much preferred unlike second and third trimester abortion. During the first trimester the fetus is still in the developing stage which will not look like taking a life as most anti-abortion people suggest the act as. This stage is the best time to get an abortion no matter what your reason might be.

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