4 Reasons You Should Watch Netflix’s ‘Abstract: The Art Of Design’

In February of 2017, Netflix released an original documentary series called Abstract: The Art of Design. Each episode is self-contained, follows one person and showcases his or her abilities and accomplishments in a particular field.

One of my past jobs was working for a production company that made documentary shows for A&E and The History Channel. This was before the alien pawn stars with storage lockers replaced shows about the history of guns, trains and war. This has made me extremely skeptical and critical of anything that calls itself a series. Yet, I found that this series was extremely deceptive, as the descriptions sounded boring and seemed to be about people you have never heard of nor know their work. If you thought like I did, then you are completely mistaken.

‘Lilo and Stitch’ [Credit: Dsiney / Buena Vista Pictures]

The Overall Series

The word…

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