Is Your Hobby Helping Or Hindering Your Family Life

Is Your Hobby Helping Or Hindering Your Family Life

Ask a room full of people what hobby they have and you will get as many answers as there are people. Others will confess that they don’t have a hobby. They probably do; but just don’t label it as such. By definition, a hobby is an activity or interest pursued outside one’s regular occupation and engaged in primarily for pleasure.

Whether stamp collecting, chat rooms, trains, soft ball, scrapbooking, golf, reading, painting, tap dancing, yard work, crafts, auto mechanics, music, hunting down garage sales, sewing, fishing, cooking, boating, furniture refinishing, javelin tossing or a plethora of other activities or interests the key element is balance. You must find balance between your family life and your extracurricular activities.

kiting-638191_640Too much of a good thing turns bad. Everyone should have an outlet and a special interest that they enjoy doing for themselves. Self indulgence, to a point, is quite healthy. Escaping from day to day grinds to take some time to devote to your special hobby or concentration is therapeutic. You’ve all heard, “if Mamma ain’t happy, no one’s happy.” It doesn’t matter if your role is father, mother, husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, son, daughter, brother or sister, if you’re just going to work or school and have no real outside activities, you’re probably not always the most friendly person to be around.

Conversely, if you bury yourself and it seems to others that all you care about or all you ever want to do is bang on the drums all day, you’re setting yourself up or prolonging discontent. People deal with depression in many ways. Some sleep all the time. Others want to do nothing but read, read, read. Still others will spend hours upon hours downstairs building a bigger, faster widget, just to avoid the real cause of their frustrations. Hobbies are supposed to be a healthy outlet, not a catalyst to ignore issues that need addressing.

Likewise, hobbies can get very expensive. Sure snow mobiles, motorcycles and ski equipment are obviously expensive. But sometimes those seemingly low cost activities can add up. You start out with trying to budget for the monthly karate lessons. Then you need (or want) the gi, the uniform. Don’t forget about the protective sparring equipment. Perhaps you think you need to have a heavy bag or some shields to help you practice. Figure on $30-$50 per tournament that you enter. Of course there’s the uninsured medical and orthodontia costs to be calculated in as well. “Let’s see, do we pay the mortgage this month, so get that new helmet that you just have to have?”

If your hobby is doing more harm than good, if it’s dipping into the family budget and time allocation, more than you can or should be spending, it’s time to reevaluate. If you’re not doing something outside your standard occupation that you enjoy, it’s time to find something, for your and your family’s sake!

Time Management Tips For Those In The Travel Industry

Time Management Tips For Those In The Travel Industry

If you improve your time management, you can improve your travel experiences and your travel business operations. So enjoy this brief layover with some short success tips from travel pros who know that time management requires basic management skills as well as learning more about timing issues.

Take the Helm – Just as a good ship’s Captain takes charge of operations, you need to do so, too. No matter whether running your travel operations from out of your home or not, you still need to take charge. Plus it’s equally important to be enthusiastic about your choices and travel ideas, because if you do not enjoy what you’re doing you may either need a break – a travel break! – or to rethink your career strategy and what you’re doing right now. Pros know that the more enthusiastic you are, the more you put into your client packages of yourself and the more you can get out of them.

work-management-907669_640Decision-Making Skill – You also need to make educated, prompt, firm decisions. Yes, you can change your mind, from time to time, but take a stand and make a decision, right or wrong. Don’t let things get in the way and bog you down. Start by getting more organized with a good planning system like Franklin Covey’s planners and planning software, compatible with Outlook and handheld unit so that you can prioritize tasks and actually complete them in a timely manner.

Know that decision-making is a skill and it can be learned and improved upon, like using tools to help and taking time to learn from past decisions. And pros know that planned are most often the wisest.

Stay Informed – It’s no secret that everyone has the same number of hours in a day and that it’s what you do with them that counts. So do like the pros and study what they do. Find a mentor or coach. Keep up with the travel industry and work-at-home industry and any other fields of interest to learn about any changes and news that may help with your day-to-day operations.

And finally, go back over these basic guidelines to help ensure your own success with time management. Keep up with the latest issues and don’t ever stop learning. Brush up on your leadership and your decision-making skills so that these will take your where ever you want to go.

$675,000 – Orange County Register

Orange County home prices hit an all-time high in April, the fifth time in the past year local prices set a record, CoreLogic reported Tuesday, May 23.

Condo prices also reached record highs for a second straight month, and the price of an existing house came within $1,000 of the record set during the housing boom.

The median price of an Orange County home — or the price at the midpoint of all sales — was $675,000 last month, CoreLogic reported.

Home prices have climbed $285,000 since the market bottomed out for the last time in February 2012, climbing 73 percent over the past five years.

The median price of an existing Orange County condo was $478,000 in April, up $3,000 from March’s record price and $8,000 above the record set during the boom.

Last month’s existing single-family home median rose to $733,000, $1,000 below the 2007 high of $734,000.

Despite April’s record,…

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Latest Technology Use for Payday Loan Lenders

Payday loan lenders make it a priority to offer new products and utilize new technologies in order to please the consumer and speed the lending process. Repeat satisfied customers and a faster turnaround combine to improve the payday lenders position in the short term financial market. Gone are the days of paper post dated checks and the faxing of voluminous amounts of paper to support an application for a few hundred dollars.

Online Processes Speed Loan Turnaround Times

With the arrival off the Internet and its acceptability and capability increasing exponentially on a daily basis, the payday loan or short term financial industry has leveraged it into virtually every aspect of their loan processes. Instead of visiting a local payday loan office, consumers can now complete and submit applications online via the lender’s web site. Instead of faxing or submitting additional material to support the loan application, all the information requested is included in the application for an approval decision. Instead of waiting for decisions from lenders, the applicant can choose from lenders responding to his application and have it approved within in moments of submission. And, now instead of picking up the funds in person the loan funds are directly deposited into the applicant’s checking account for immediate use. No more going to the office to make payments, now these are electronically withdrawn from the checking account on the due date. With these advances, payday loan lenders have been able to reduce loan turnaround times online to about 48 hours or less.

Technology Keeps Information Secure

The application and approval processes for short term loans takes place entirely online using Internet and web technologies. Information, such as personal identification, employment and financial data, is always transmitted in an encrypted state. Using enterprise grade encryption algorithms and secure socket layers to protect the information in transmission, the lenders ensure the applicant’s information is continually protected during the process. Private information is not shared with third parties that have no part in the review, approval and funding processes involved.

Funds transfers on approved loans as well as repayments on those loans are processed safely using the latest banking industry standards. The electronic funds transfers are made within securely monitored networks to ensure a quick and safe transaction. With the combination of advances brought to the short term financial market and payday loan lenders by the Internet and 21st century banking, anyone can quickly apply for an receive advance cash loans online.

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OKC police identify man accused of stealing car with child inside

A missing Oklahoma City girl, who was asleep in the backseat of a car when it was stolen, has been found safe Tuesday morning, and a man accused of stealing the car is in police custody.

According to Oklahoma City police, a white 2006 Chevy Impala with license plate number 219GBJ, was stolen just before 6 a.m. at OnCue near Northwest 10th and Portland.

Police said the child was later found at a gas station near I-40 and McLoud. She was taken to OU Medical Center to be checked out and reunited with her family. She is OK.

The suspect, later identified as 46-year-old Thomas E. Boutwell, is in police custody. He was found near Rattlesnake Hill and Okay Road, just east of Pink. Police said they will bring him back to the Oklahoma City Police Department, where he will be interviewed.

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